all are still available!!!
1st picture 6 toes on three paws 4 on one front paw-male $25 first I've had like this- the most friendly
2nd picture 4 toes on every paw-male - $20
3rd picture 6 toes on back paws 5 on front-male $25; likes to lick - friendly
4th picture 6 toes on back paws 5 on front-male $25 has a white tip on the tail
5th picture available only for breeding the father of the youngsters $75 6 toes on every paw and I take him out for walks... on a leash! Chupe is now 5 years old
here are my wonderfully rare polydactyl 6 month old males ..Polydactyl is a term used to describe the genetic anomaly that creates extra toes on some creatures. This is found commonly in the maine coon breed of cats, but is far rarer in other breeds, and usually does not breed true with non maine coons. Maine coons are also known as Hemingway cats, and are known also for thier gentle dispositions.
Polydactyl cats are usually more intelligent than other cats, and learn how to manipulate objects with their extra digit(s), which acts as an opposable thumb, and these cats prove that to be true. You will find them to be the best companion you've ever had...that's the feedback I get from people who purchased previous kittens